What is SHIELD?

SHIELD is the first stylish & comfortable signalproof apparel funded via Kickstarter. It incredibly fits and reduces electromagnetic waves and radiation.

It`s made of special silver shielding fabric which assures that signals are hundreds of times lower inside the apparel. It reduces HF & LF radiation and has high screening attenuation. We use only the certified and high-quality materials. Learn more about the silver fabric here.

Our signalproof apparel has antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiodor, antistatic and signal-blocking feature. It`s fancy, comfortable, fluffy and warm. It works in every kind of weather.

Silver shielding fabric inside | Very high screening attenuation | Signals are hundreds of times lower inside | Shielding effect is max. ≈80db (depends on application) | Antiseptic, antiodor & antistatic | Protects against wifi pollution & radiation

"They arrived and I`m 100% satisfied." - Michael / Germany 


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