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"We just received our products and we L O V E them!! The cotton is sooo soft. Thank you so much for making these products and shipping them to us so fast." - Sylvia, Norway

"Package arrived. I LOVE the herringbone baseball hat! Great job!" -
Jeff, USA

"Love UR Shield products, like to buy some more, I had no idea it would help me so much!" -
Angelina, Netherlands

"Amazing stuff by the way, I was testing it with a radiation monitor, fantastic clothing!" –
Paul, UK

"Hi, I got my order today, which I must say was prob the fastest shipping I've ever seen." -
Devin, Canada

"I really liked the new caps with the Velcro on the back instead of plastic adjustment. Also the t-shirt was very comfortable to wear and the Large was a good fit. The glasses looks very nice so I will be testing them when I work in front of my Mac everyday to see if it helps for better sleep when working late." -
Pal, Norway

"I received my order and what beautiful products! I'm impressed. I've tested your products with EMF meter and as you can see, the t-shirt does the excellent job." - Peter, Netherlands  

“I lost my beanie on the lake. Works so good.. Tested it with an EMF tester and it was 100% effective. I just bought another. Also got the camo hat and the knit hat. Nice products.” Bobby, San Francisco

"Your styles are probably the nicest I have seen in the world of EMF." - Alexandra from Bristol in United Kingdom

"Thank you for your excellent quick service. The vests are great quality and feel lovely against the skin. Thanks also for advice on the size, the L for my 17yr old is perfect and the M for me too." - Emma from Sheffield in United Kingdom

"The actual beanie is very cool, if you're gonna buy a beanie why not get one that also blocks EMF's as well right? Form and function in one, very impressed." - Soul from New Zealand

"I love the hat, most comfortable I've ever worn. The weight is amazing. Thank you!" - Rich from New York

"I truly LOVE your products! Used the beanies on a train and a plane and I didn't get fatigued or develop a migraine. Crazy! So thankful!" - Sierra from California

"I have been loving my SHIELD gear to help block EMF radiation. I have beanies for myself and my kids. Truly feels like it is making a difference in my overall well-being with brain fog as such" - Laura from Massachusetts

"Hello dear friends. I want to thank you for the Great service and a wonderful product. The delivery was quick and the hat feels good, fits the head and doing its job in protecting. Thank you." - Michael from Israel

"I'm very happy with your products (ordered one baseballcap and one beanie. Although i had no expectations i feel more calm and less agitated than before. Cannot say if its placebo, but i feel i can focus more and has slightly less "brain-fog". So i would say your product helps to reduce the EMF, or at least minimize its effect on the human brain, and increase quality-sleep." - Fredrik from Tyresö, Stockholm

"One thing I can tell you for sure is that my headaches both dull and sharp have drastically decreased while wearing my SHIELD beanie and baseball cap. ⁣" - Erin from U.S.

"Hi, the hat works like a charm, thanks!" - Kristaps from Latvia

“I have one myself (and wear it all the time) and bought this for my husband, whom I wasn't sure would wear it but I felt it was worth a try, given what we're all exposed to these days. Surprisingly, he really likes it! At first, he just thought it was a good winter hat. Then, before long, he commented, "You know, once you get used to wearing this, it's hard to take it off. I notice a difference!" Success! Thanks! :-)” - Carol from U.S.

"Got my shield baseball cap just now on the mail. I put it on & i shit you not! I could feel the relief in my head as i put it on.... its weird relieving feeling I thought it was the placebo effect... so i went on to try on on my father without saying what it was. “Here try this on!” He instantly felt relief as well! Its a weird pleasant feeling!" - Iker from Spain

"I just want to thank you all for the SHIELD beanie. It was a Christmas present for my girlfriend and she really loved it. She's been worried about the amount of electric/electronic/radio signals that we have around us, so she was really surprised when I was able to give her this gift. She was so impressed that she said, perhaps half-jokingly, that if you guys ever make a onesie she'd be interested in having one of those too, so you can see she was impressed." - Andrew, Netherlands

"Your hats have proved invaluable in relieving what can be a very stressful situation, along with a decent nights sleep. Will be looking to buy a new beanie soon. Thank you again." - Paul from UK

"I really like the shielding effect of the Signalproof Baseball Cap" - Jeffrey from Chicago, USA

"All I can say is, wow. I absolutely love this beanie. It’s stylish and fun. The perfect placement of the tag allows me to wear it as a beanie or cuffed like a hat. I have been wearing it 24 hours a day (except when bathing). Since I started wearing this beanie, I feel less anxious and I am starting to sleep better. This hat is truly essential for maintaining or improving health. I loved this beanie so much, I ordered a second one immediately after the first one even before receiving my order. I have told everyone I know about your products. Thank you so much!" – Leigh Ann from USA

“Hi, Just a quick follow on message – my beanie arrived today and I am very pleased with it. I will hope to be able to buy further product from you later in the summer (particularly the currently out of stock cap). Thank you for your prompt response to my previous email.“Andrew from UK

"Hi! The hats arrived today! They’re absolutely great!" - Rachel from Australia

"Hi, i have today received the beanie and i have used it for 6 hours and i must say after my first impression i feel great. I have not had the same headache or pressure in my head in shopping mall or at home like i have everyday." - Pal from Norway

"I would like to thank you for your cap and beanie. My partner has got a lot of trouble with Wifi radiation. He gets very tired because of the radiation. He works at a place where the Wifi strength is very high. They want to change it in the future, but for now, he wears the cap every day without him getting tired. Keep up the good work. Great!"Jacqueline, Brisbane, Australia

"Thanks to my beanie I can go to places and stay in rooms where I used to develop symptoms. It is discreet about my electromagnetic hypersensitivity, but it is outstandingly stylish, so thank you!" - Samanta, Madrid

"I got my Shield-Beanie about 1½ months ago and i LOVe it.. It fits nice, it's warm AND i like the whole general idea and maybe its just me, but i feel more free." - Tobias / Norway

"Hello, I got my first signalproof hat yesterday!! I'm sure its silver shielding fabric is gonna help me a lot by lowering signals hundreds of times inside of my sore skull. And it's hundreds of times more stylish and pleasing than my old foil helmet. So thank you for your research & work!! Blessings from Barcelona, Spain" - Samanta / Spain

"Thank you, got my beanie today, love it!" - Emily / California

"I hope you can keep developing your product line" - Laura / USA

"Just to let you know my hat arrived this morning. Currently on my head, and i Love it :)) I`ll be sure to spread the word." - Simon / UK

"I received my cap today in the USA. It is much higher quality than I expected. It wears well and looks great." - Jonathan / USA

"I’ve just received the beanie and it the winter just ended here in Norway. And I was curious if you got any extra snapback caps leftover that I could purchase as an extra? No worries if you’re out. Just wondering if it’s possible." - Espen / Norway

"I lost my SHIELD beanie and i did not find another hat which has the cotton in so high quality. Your hats are soft and fluffy for touch and that`s why i am ordering the new one." - Michael / USA

"They arrived and I`m 100% satisfied." - Michael / Germany

"I bought one of your shielding baseball caps. I like the design and want to distribute them here in the USA." - Neil / USA

"My beanie just arrived here at Google UK! Thanks guys!" - Joao / UK

"Today on the road from work i have picked up my reward and I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of baseball caps as well as Beanie hat which is for my girlfriend Veronika and i believe that she will be pleasantly surprised" - Miroslav / Slovakia

"Hi, I just receive my Beanie in Hong Kong, it is great, thank you." Leung Ka Tin / Hong Kong


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