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“Shield Headwear is launching a trendy line of beanies and snapbacks to defend our brains from harmful radiation.” - DailyMail.com

“Looking like a paranoid conspiracy theorist has never been so chic.” - NYdailynews.com

“If only there was a product that could protect our thoughts from being spied upon, while also keeping our heads warm. Oh snap, that’s the Shield: Signal Proof Headwear on.” - GEEK.com

“It is basically a tin foil hat for the 21st century.” - technabob.com

“If you’re genuinely concerned that wi-fi or other electromagnetic signals might slowly but steadily be hurting you, then you will be glad to learn that tinfoil hats are no longer your only option.” - odditycentral.com

"These Actual Tin-Foil Hats Are for Hip Millennials Who Hate Government Mind Control.” - MIC.com

“Just when you thought you’ve seen everything…tin foil hats hit the market.” - CBSlocal.com

“Finally, Tinfoil Hats That Won’t Make You Look Like A Conspiracy Nut” - coolthings.com

“Shield Apparel made a Kickstarter campaign to help individuals shield their brain waves from Big Brother and look cool while doing it with their Signal Proof Headwear.” - travelerstoday.com

“Finally, there’s a solution. The stylish alternative to the tinfoil hat has finally arrived.” - TheDailyDot.com